Louis and Paul, please

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Sat Sep 2 17:54:33 MDT 1995

Louis writes:

> I think it would it be a good idea to see how the exact question of
> fascism was approached by Marxists in the 1920's and 1930's. Two works
> that I'm familiar with that be a good point of departure would be
> Trotsky's "The Struggle Against Fascism in Germany" and Guerin's "Fascism
> and Big Business".

You can access all the essays in the Trotsky book in the M/E Archive.
There's a chronology page to put the essays in perspective -- i.e.,
election results, etc.

That way, even those who can't find the book, or can't afford to pay the
outrageous price of the book, can participate/follow the discussion.

http://csf.colorado.edu/psn/marx -- look in the "Others" section.


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