Oh no! Not again! (Was: "Loons in the RCP")

Matt D. afn02065 at afn.org
Sun Sep 3 16:16:56 MDT 1995

Louis wrote:

>The Maoists of today are another story entirely. What would motivate
>somebody to keep a group going based on Maoist ideas, long after the end
>of the Cultural Revolution, and long after any lip-service to a
>revolutionary program was being made on the part of the Chinese leadership?
>The answer to that of course is seen in the Revolutionary Communist Party in
>the United States, a cult led by Bob Avakian. This outfit is so bizarre and
>so ultraleft that people generally give them a wide berth at
>demonstrations and rallies. These are the sorts of folks that my cousin
>Marvin couldn't resist arguing with....

Damn it, Louis!  Are we going to have to get into this crap again?  Haven't
I already explained to you that the RCP is the preeminent revolutionary
organization in America, loved and respected by the masses, and looked to
for leadership by all correct-thinking people on the left !


But seriously, folks.  When I was with the RCYB, we generally got along very
well with others at demos.  The Sparts on the other hand ....  Oh yeah, and
the Women's Revolutionary Organizing Committee or something like that -- now
they were pretty freaky.

"Ultraleft" -- maybe, in some circumstances.  "Bizarre" or a "cult" --
possibly for some folks who're involved, but in my experience, no.  FWIW,
the RCP has been very active with the Refuse & Resist organization, in fact
I think Clark Kissinger is on the organizing committee, isn't he?

-- Matt D.

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