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Mon Sep 4 06:10:13 MDT 1995

I rarely read the newspaper, as it is too time-consuming and I
need little reminder of the depressing barbarism to which society
has descended.  However, yesterday I bought the WASHINGTON POST,
because its weekly literary contest in the Sunday book review
section recently included a question about C.L.R. James.  However,
I made the mistake of reading the rest of the paper.

I guess one cannot get used to it, but it is still shocking to be
reminded afresh every morning of how reactionary and decrepit this
society really is, and what is most reactionary of all is the
simultaneous self-recognition and self-concealment of its own
baseness.  The malaise is widely recognized, hence the need for
constant scapegoating and denial of the root causes.  There is a
right-wing philosophy attached to this: it is called
communitarianism.  That is, moaning and pissing about the loss of
community, the pervasive loneliness and selfishness, declining
moral standards, social divisiveness, all in the spirit of
metaphysical abstract moralism designed to deny the obvious fact
that the fish rots from the head down.  All of official society's
self-examination, its opinion, its book trade, its so-called
intellectual life, has got to be the most empty and rotten and
debased since the fall of Nazi Germany.

Today in the USA is a strange holiday called Labor Day, that marks
the end of summer and the beginning of fall, appropriately enough,
since it was created to distract attention away from May Day, the
revolutionary workers' day that coincides with the fertility rites
of spring (for us northern hemisphere folks).  Of course the
newspaper includes the usual musings on the significance of Labor
Day and the future of labor.  I'll spare you what was said this
time round.

I could also tell some tales about the breakdown of Washington DC,
not official national Washington, whose thin pretext of government
is being consciously destroyed by Adolph's pal Newt, but local
Washington, we in the slave quarters who are suffering from what
our masters who have regained control of the plantation are doing
to us: the breakdown of health care and emergency services,
schools, police protection, etc.

One indication of the visibility and shamelessness of reaction is
what I've seen happen on the Internet since Newt rose to power:
shameless right-wing assaults in some of the Usenet newsgroups --
invasion and brazen harrassment of certain groups, esp. blacks and
leftists, by racist and other right-wing characters, even Nazis.
Not to mention the rightward drift of characters such as the
Genoveses's and this piss-ant Futrelle.  All the roaches have come
out the woodwork since January.

I'm afraid I have no words of cheer this Labor Day.  This society
is up to its ears in its own excrement.  Some people have gotten
used to the stench, but I'm still pinching my nose.

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