on thomas jefferson

Dennis P. Tyler dptyler at hamlet.uncg.edu
Mon Sep 4 09:03:23 MDT 1995

I personally know very little about Jefferson, but I forwarded the recent
psot on TJ to a friend who studies him as a hobby.  Here is his response.

thanks for the post. Interesting interpretation. I would agree that he
was invested in the "system" but was in no way a "capitalist" in the
derogatory sense.  He tended more to the agraian side and battled
Alexander Hamilton and the bankers.  I would see him as paternalistic as
opposed to bourgeois revolutionary.
I have not subscribed to that list yet. I have their address. May need
instructions for subscribing---just make message "subscribe?"
If the discussion continues in that vain I may need to sub.  Thanks for
keeping me posted.  Also, what did you think about the MONK concept--I
bet they are a strange group? but having a lot of adventures.

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