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On Thu, 31 Aug 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

> It's interesting to take a look at the Green Bay Packers in relation to the
> privatization mania of the right. Green Bay is the only municipally owned
> professional sports team in the US. Taxes are far lower in Green Bay than in
> other cities of comparable size. Green Bay, flying in the face of
> conventional capitalist thinking, is the smallest city to have an NFL
> franchise in the country. GB has never "had" to hold-up the tax payers for
> money for new stadiums etc, instead it contributes to city coffers. *AND*
> much to my chagrin as a Bears fan, they are learning how to play football again.

	The Green Bay Packers are an excellent example, aren't they?

	(Relatedly;  when I first heard that the scum which run the CFL
were bringing in U.S. `CFL' teams, I knew instantly that they were REALLY
preparing Canadians for the death of the CFL -- that they (hopefully)
intended to join the NFL...)

> But local teams - that will require socialism.


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