Barbara Kopple (American Dream) and Michael Moore (Roger &

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As aMichigander, I have fond memories of GM trying to get theaters to
refuse ROGER AND ME.  When it came out on tape, I showed it to a host of
friends - one woman whose father worked for GM walked out, film unseen.
	TV NATION would provide a useful snippet or two - perhaps the
most recent show and its rant about LABOR day?

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On Sun, 3 Sep 1995, JAMES DAVIES wrote:

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> > I have to give a talk soon on Kopple's "American Dream" and Moore's
> > "Roger & me".  Does anyone out there have any thoughts about these
> > films.  As always I am interested in the politics of the texts. Gossip,
> > analysis, background anything would be useful and gratefully received.
> >
> Sorry, no gossip now.  But it would be interesting to see these films
> in the context of other works by the same folks.  Barbara Kopple also
> made "Harlan County, USA" about a coal strike in Virginia in the
> 1970s, and it is terrific.  If you can find them, Michael Moore also
> made a sequal to "Roger & Me" called "Pets Or Meat," and has had a TV
> show called TV Nation, kind of a smart-ass populist 60 Minutes.  Do
> you get Fox in Australia?
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