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Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Mon Sep 4 12:51:40 MDT 1995

On Sun, 3 Sep 1995, Paul Cockshott wrote:

> One of the most interesting experiments with
> computerised planning and control of the economy was
> undertaken in Chile during the government of Allende
> in the years 1972 to 1973. The system was designed by
> Stafford Beer and is described in his book 'The Brain of
> the Firm'.  Its objective was to provide real time
> decentralised control of the economy.

This is just terrific stuff. I used to know the name of Chilean who was
highly placed in the Allende government and who headed up computer strategic
planning. This guy made his way to the US and built up a successful
consulting company on the west coast. I also believe he coauthored a book
on systems analysis with an American that is based on the principles of
Heidegger (!). I may dredge up his name this week and post it to the
list. You know, comrades, what our problem is is that there's just too much
to know. Don't you envy Lenin when all you had to do was read Marx,
Engels and Plekhanov and then you were "all done".

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