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Mon Sep 4 16:02:59 MDT 1995

Will writes:

> I thought the British roganisation Class War had
> something with their style. Itr relied on
> outrageous worrking class humour rather than
> lenninist polemic. It certainly seemed
> to sell well and make people laugh.

I agree wholeheartedly. Nothing puts people to sleep faster than
righteous, hackneyed ranting by Leninists over 100 year old faction
fights.  The goal is engagement and you are more engaging if you change
the record every 80 years or so. (There are many many songs in the piano
bench. And each song needn't have the coda "Build a revolutionary worker's

> They organised stunts like turning up to
> the Henley regatta and attacking the toffs.

Sounds like either "auto-industry analyst" and TV NATION bossman Michael
Moore ... or maybe the Situationalists, who also had a good sense of stunt
humor. The publication _Living Marxism_, sometimes glimpsed in mainstream
book stores in these parts, is refreshing in its layout -- I don't know
about its content, nor am I commenting on it.

(Re: Moore. I still laugh aloud when I recall the TV NATION episode where
Moore zooms around on a speed boat in Newt Gingrich's county, shouting at
the afloat citizenry through a bullhorn: "GET OFF THIS FEDERALLY FUNDED

Piping Marx into Cyberspace...

ObMarx: In April 1888, Engels wrote a letter to Margaret Harkness, a
        socialist writer who had asked his opinion of her work:

        "I am far from finding fault with your not having written a
        point-blank socialist novel -- a Tendenzroman (problem novel) as
        we Germans call it -- to glorify the social and political views of
        the author. That is not what I mean. The more the opinions of the
        author remain hidden the better for the work of art."

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