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Mon Sep 4 15:51:13 MDT 1995

You've missed the point Louis! "we do not intend to make our
publication a mere store-house of views"!!!! That is certainly what
this list is. Lenin referred to Marxism in a scientific sense, not in
the sense that anyone who calls themselves a marxist is in the club.
"we must draw firm and definite lines of demarcations". This is how
unity is built. It seems contradictory. All the popular frontist
rumps of collapsed stalinism/official communism (CPUSA, CPB, NCP..)
look to build unity along "purely ficticious lines".  'Peoples'
Unity" - what the fuck is that. It is the most putrid popular front.
It is what the ANC is becoming. The Sandanistas were a brilliant
national liberation movement - they were not a workers party, they
were not a party of the new type. The demarcation is NOT extremely
large. That's why the split occurred with the Menshiviks. Under your

I should have been more specific about the lines of demarcation. I
would not include everybody on the list in the same broad category of
"Bolshevik". I would exclude Tim Wolforth who by his own
admission has been waging ideological warfare against Lenin on the
internet for a while now. I would also exclude the libertarian Chris
Sciabarra, a heckuva guy nonetheless. Chris's new book is out, by the
way. It's called "Ayn Rand The Russian Radical", 490 pages, Penn
State Press, $55 cloth, $18.95 paper. Bertell Ollman says that
"Sciabarra makes a solid case for his astounding claim. An eye-opening
work, and a pleasure to read."

Now, let me ask you, when you say the Sandinistas were not "a party of the
new type", could you tell me what specifically this type of party may be? Do
you hold membership in such a party?

Louis, what is an "american" revolution? Haven't you already had one?
Isn't the world revolution now on the agenda?

I'm sorry, I should have said a "red proletarian revolution against the
decadent imperialist bourgeoisie". Ah, yes, that is much better, isn't it.

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