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>I am a new subscriber to the marxism list.
>I am a Ph.D student here at ANU, working on a theoretical thesis on the
>"nation-state (system)".  My main influences on this matter are Nicos
>Poulantzas (esp. "State, Power, Socialism"), Ben Anderson, Slavoj Zizek,
>Renata Salecl, and Etienne Balibar.  Are there other subscribers to the
>marxism list that have an interest in the relationship(s) between the
>formation of capitalism and nationalism as "world-systems" (I hesitate to
>use a formulation which evokes Wallerstein so strongly, given my general
>agreements with Laclau's and Brenner's critiques of world-systems theory).
>I work on this rather abstract matter (a theory of the nation state)
>because I have been disappointed by everything I have read on the issue,
>and because it seems to be so crucial to any progressive political agenda.
>I remain at a loss as to how the left is to deal with issues like the
>attitudes of working-class men and women to immigration issues.  Does
>anyone have any ideas which go beyond the usual slogans?
>Must go now, I seem to spend a lot of time looking through my e-mail ....

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