Fascism / Re: Challenge to Cockshott

Marcus Strom MSTROM at nswtf.org.au
Tue Sep 5 11:03:06 MDT 1995

> Paul, this isn't intended personaly. Some of the *positions* of
> yourself and your organisation I agree with, but not with the
> totality of the orientation of the organisation.

Paul, read the above again. Of all of the groups fighting fascism, I
think AFA is better (ish). For fuck sake. We are in the process of
setting up an AFA in Australia (Anti-Fascist Alliance). I know people
in Britain who were active in AFA (UK) but left because they were
excluded from meetings after they joined the CPGB.

I know of the meeting RA held recently - I read Red Action and I read
the Weekly Worker. I heard the meeting was a joke and achieved
nothing. You do not get unity or an alliance / united front by
just calling a meeting of groups as dispersed from cpgb to class war
and have no concrete agenda - you'll get crap.

I am sympathetic to the AFA, but am highly critical of terror as a
*strategy*. You don'tmechanically  adopt the strategy of your
enemies. We should be agitating for workers defence corps in Tower
Hamlets and other such areas. The SWP/ISO is a complete disaster  -
 their slogan is 'don't vote nazi' - they pushed this  in brent where i lived
- there were no fascist candidates (let alone 'nazis'), and the population is 25%
black in some wards and republican irish in others.

YRE (Militant's Youth Against Racism In Europe) is too populist, but
at least they are democratic (they have meetings and do allow other
organisations attend). They are centrist - they could be won to a
united front against fascism. At present, they tail respectibility
too much.

The prime issue is what is fascism. It will not come to power in
Britain draped
in a swastika by a bunch of nazi saluting boneheads. It will come
draped in the Union Jack, full of parliamentary and royalist
tradition and respectibility. Defeating fascism is not just about
stopping the growth of the BNP. It is, at its core, about
overthrowing capitalism. Fascism is the negative resolution of a
revolutionary situation. That is why the French state is distancing
itself from LePen - it doesn't need him at present. But we can't be

If the core of defeating fascism is ensuring that revolutionary
situations are resolved positively, ie  a workers state, then the key
issue for today is forging an organisation capable of achieving that.
The core issue to defeat fascism is to reforge communist parties.
This does not mean we do not challenge fascism ideologically and
physically as  Paul says - I support this *tactic*. We can build a
communist party by showing that we are the most resolute fighters
against fascism - but this cannot be  our central work, but  a
tactical element of our overall strategy and program - reforge the
communist party. For this reason, in Britain I support the position
of the CPGB (PCC). A future reforged CP will contain
'libertarian'/anarcho elements such as RA. Democratic centralism will
forge all these currents into a well directed fist against capital
and its putrid class.

Comradely, Marcus

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