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Texts re fascism

1.  It's been about 20 years since I read this, so forgive the
vagueness.  In about 1923, Andres Nin wrote a pamphlet on fascism
for the Red International of Labor Unions.  His intent was to
draw the attention of his readers to the very real threat that
fascism represented.  He said that it was an error to treat
fascism as merely another episode in the normal history of
repression, dictatorship, and class terror of the bourgeoisie
against the workers.  (Remember, he was a Catalan, and knew a
little bit about repression.)  The key difference was that
fascism intended not merely to *repress* the working class
movement but to *destroy* it, and involved a mass mobilization
(primarily of the petty bourgeoisie) to accomplish that end,
since it was beyond the capacity of the state.

2.  It's probably worth taking a look at the "Lyons Theses" of
the Italian Communist Party, adopted at the first congress in
exile after the CP was outlawed (1925).  In English it can be
found in the second volume of the Lawrence & Wishart edition of
Gramsci's _Selected Political Writings_.

3.  There is a book which I have neither read nor read any review
of, but which I saw a publisher's blurb for about ten years ago,
dealing with the financing of the Nazi party in the 1920s.
According to the blurb, this was mostly self-financing, and the
book examines exactly how the Nazis went about fundraising.
(Don't forget that most of the big German bourgeoisie was
resolutely monarchist, and didn't go over to support for Naziism
until very nearly the eve of Hitler's ascension to power--hence
the giant jump in the Nazi vote in the last free elections.)

(See William Manchester's book on the Krupp dynasty for information
on the switch of the Krupp money to the Nazis.)

Don't you just love it when people give you leads which involve
digging through layer upon layer of subject indices?

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