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In order to italian political parties situation in the last years:
1) After the fall of Berlin Wall the Communist Party change name in PDS and
become a LIB-LAB (more lib than lab) party. Have about 20% in the polls. The
split of Rifondazione Comunista grew quickly around 8% in the elections.
Both are not militant. For the PDS the prospective is the fight for
governament with the left of Christian Democracy, the Greens and other
little centre-left organisations. Rifondazione Comunista is a mix of old
stalinists, euro-communists, ex far left  maoists and trots of the USFI
without any project. But they are the only visible party that speak about
and organize the class struggle.
2) The changes in the left produced a turmoil in political situation.
"Tangentopoli" produced a political explosion of the centre. The cost of the
old corruption system don't work as before.(Christian Democracy split in
three parties, The Socialist Party and other little parties RIP). In this
space introduced themselves the neo-fascists and Berlusconi. But they were
good for the middle class and for the middle e little enterprises but not
for the big italian and international bussiness men. For them they were
naive and produced a very strong wave of strikes when arrived to the
3) The far left: died. The chaos under the sky was big, the situation
bueatiful! But the far left died. The most important group (DP) began a
process of unification with Rifondazione Comunista and the section of USFI
made the same.
Other little groups died or live quite bad till today.
ON the the left of Rifondazione Comunista there are now:
1. the old bordigist groups, very tiny very sectatians (my opinion about
Bordiga is different because his theorical production after the second world
war was interesting)
2.  the "socials centres" group (about them there are some Internet site).
They are the sons of Autonomia and '77 movements (TOni Negri and others).
It's more a cultural situation than political. They are some thousands.
3. The little trade unions. They split trom the official unions . Many of
them  arrived from the '68 but till now they are not a serious alternative
to the officials. They work  sometimes with "the socials centres".
4. The trotskyists groups. About them I will write a special message in the

This explaination of italian political parties is poor. But if you want more
specific  informations write me.

The most important partis in Italy are:
Forza Italia (Berlusconi Party)
CCD,UCD,PPI (thre split of Christian Democracy)
AN ( ex (?)fascists)
Fiamma Tricolore (a split of AN they are "truly" fascists)
Lega Nord (northen nationalist party)
The Greens
Rifondazione Comunista

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