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>The difference between Maura and me, is I do not think analysis can
>stop there. Really I think Maura's position is a bourgeois pacifist one
>in ultra-left clothing. It is necessary to make a concrete analysis of
>each war and determine whether it is just or unjust in terms of the
>interest of working people.
Only revolution and freedom war against colonialist imperialism is  just;neither
happens in ex-Juogoslavia; Milosevic was a banker tied financial american world.
The intervention of NATO in Bosnia means an agreement between Serbia and
Croatia for
partition of Bosnia and the end of Karadzic.

>Especially if he were able to argue that the war that Mladic waged for the
>secession of Krajina from Croatia, and the war still waged by Mladic for
>the ethnic partition of Bosnia, is a just war, that is progressive and in
>the interests of the working people of the former Yugoslavia.

Nothing progressive but there is a difference: Krajina, in majority Serb,
had the same rights of Croatia to make a secession but UE didn't recognize
this right frightened by project of great Serbia;Mladic is Serbo-bosniac and
he leaded army only in Bosnia for
ethnic cleaning; a war between fascisms in which the destroy of working
people is the first objective is a war agaist the socialism and my peacifism
is the only way for fighting.


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