Marxism and the Militias

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Tue Sep 5 07:01:22 MDT 1995

I have no argument with utilizing Lenin's method to make a detailed study of
the Militias.  Since you have made a study of Lenin's view of populism, why
don't you give it a crack?

Perhaps, quite understandably, you do not have time for the project.  Well,
having a full time job and no university affiliation, neither do I.  This is
what I meant by "Where's the beef?"

I might be willing to abstain from discussion of topics which I have not
researched empirically and in detail if, in return you promise to also
abstain from such topics.  I have a feeling id we all followed this approach
there would be mighty silence on the Net!

I admit to making comments on the Net on topics with which I am only informed
by a thorough reading of the NY Times.  I will bow to those who might answer
my comments with factual information which they have discovered through
exhaustive research.  However, with that one caveat, I won't shut up.

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