Marxism and the Militias

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Tue Sep 5 08:05:39 MDT 1995

On Tue, 5 Sep 1995 TimW333521 at wrote:

> I might be willing to abstain from discussion of topics which I have not
> researched empirically and in detail if, in return you promise to also
> abstain from such topics.  I have a feeling id we all followed this approach
> there would be mighty silence on the Net!
I will not make a judgement on the militias until I have sufficient
information. I have written at length on the following subjects, however,
on this list:

1. Computers and Socialism
2. The NEP
3. Socialist Ecology
4. Cuba
5. Zimmerwald and WWII
6. Lenin and "Marxism-Leninism"

On each of these subjects, I have made liberal use of the Columbia
libraries and my own free time. Please feel free to expostulate on any
topic under the sun, Tim. I simply will continue to make judgements on
the value of such posts. While there's no question that people like David
Harvey and Mike Davis can make tremendous use of the time allowed to them
as university professors to develop major Marxist works, you have your
weekends and evenings to do some assiduous research. If the only people
who ever published novels were full-time writers, we wouldn't have
Melville, Twain, etc. Spinoza made a decision early in life that a
university post would limit his ability to express his own philosophical
views forcefully, so he took up the lens-grinding trade. Let Spinoza be
our example, not the tenured red professors who I have no use for
generally, except the wise souls on this list.

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