Marxism and the Militias

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Tue Sep 5 08:32:47 MDT 1995

I do not consider myself a "putitive socialist" and am a great fan of Steve
Cohen.  I agree that life is shitty in Russia today.  The "free market" there
is an utter failure!

I believe you mis-read Cohen if you believe he thinks a return to the Cold
War would be good or a related return to the old Stalinist system would be
good.  Why the either/or syndrome?  Why not socialism AND democracy?

In any event the world has moved beyond the confines of the Cold War.  There
is no returning: even if such a return would be a relative good.  So let's
get with it.  Lets seek to understand the world as it presently is and evolve
a socialist program which makes sense to working people as they are.

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