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On Tue, 5 Sep 1995, Yurii Colombo wrote:

> I began to read the R. Alexander Book about trotskyism history. But the
> history is finish in the  1985. Could you tell me more about these splits?
> Is there a documentation available? What heritages WRP groups exsist today?
> Is it possible have the references and the address of their pubblications?
> Some years ago I saw in a bookshop Helsinki a David North book. Do you know
> the tile and the references?

The book by the inimitable Dave (Greene) North to which you refer is
entitled _The Heritage We Defend_.  Reading it, to quote Leon Trotsky,
is like choking on loose cotton wool.  Wait!  More like "chewing on
iron filings".

The Sri Lankan, German, Canadian, and Australian sections of the "ICFI"
went with North and the American group called the Workers League.  A
small group in Britain (maybe 18 people?) around David Hyland also
went with North.

Then there was a group that remained (maybe 150 people?) with Cliff
Slaughter.  They are called the WRP.  Then there's a group that went
with Sheila Torrance and they're also called the WRP.  Then there's
the Redgrave/Healy group which later formed the "Marxist Party".  There's
a rather humorous article in the London Financial Times in 1987 (I believe)
(ON THE FRON PAGE, NO LESS) describing the founding conference of the
Marxist Party.

I'm sure there were some other split offs and groups as well I'm not
as familiar with (one around Richard Price or some such).

The Slaughter Group reudiated part of the 'Security and the Fourth
International' campaign  . . . the portion which accuses the entire
American SWP leadership of being FBI.  The Northite international still
maintains the SWP is a big FBI front group and that the SWP murdered WL
Political Committee member Tom Henehan in 1977 (though Henehan's own
mother does not concur).

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