To the Liberals - Mike Quin

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Tue Sep 5 15:32:00 MDT 1995

(from 'On the Drumhead')

To the Liberals

I think the eccentricities
And reservations of the liberals
Are due to an odd conceit
They think they have a deeper understanding of

They value poetry, music, nature;
Other subtleties, and
They imagine these values are totally unappreciated by

I say to these cultured gentlemen,
We appreciate the fine flavor of rare brandies,
And the emotional depth of Beethoven's Fifth.

The poetry of Shelley is the quintessence of
Even if the garbage man never heard of it-
And the laughter of a little child
In a narrow city alley
Is more beautiful
Than Benvenuto Cellini's most intricate chalice.

Nevertheless gentlemen,
We have leaflets to distribute;
And the meat of Leninism
Goes beyond "to appreciate fully,"
And imposes upon us
That most difficult of all human undertakings,
"To explain patiently."

And sometimes we must be tarred and feathered,
And sometimes there are long hours,
Months, years,
In Jail.

And sometimes people are shot down in cold blood
In the city streets.

And we owe more to Sperry and Bordois
Than to our own sense of aestheticism.
And when we have paid that debt, gentlemen,
Perhaps we will join you in a brandy.

For with all this,
We are no enemies of brandy
And great admirers of Shelley.

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