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Subject: It's Not Too Late to Cast Your Ballot in the Consulta

The EZLN International Plebiscite is still going on.
If you haven't cast a ballot yet, NCDM will be accepting
ballots through September 11.  You can send them to us
at <moonlight at> or fax them to 915-532-8382 or
send them to 601 N. Cotton Street, #A103, El Paso, Texas
79902. The consulta is still open to anyone and everyone,
not just the students.

If you want more information, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you, the National Center for Democracy, Liberty and Justice

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  EZLN                        International Plebiscite                 EZLN

                    National Democratic Convention

        Attention: The International Plebiscite has been extended

Mexico City, August 1995

This past June 8 the Zapatista National Liberation Army, through
the voice of Subcomandante Marcos, called on the citizens of Mexico
and the world to participate in the Plebiscite. It was stated to you
then that the International Plebiscite would be carried out during
the month of July. Nevertheless, the International Plebiscite has
now been expanded into two additional distinct phases due to growing
interest that has been demonstrated in many countries. Expansion of
the Plebiscite will give us the opportunity to reach groups and people
from many parts of the world who wish to participate in this transcendental
plebiscite but for one reason or another have not been able to answer
within the designated period.

The results of this plebiscite will influence the future of the EZLN
and that of the Mexican people. The opinions and solidarity of the world
are important factors in this Plebiscite, which seeks to stop the
realities of war and finish off with the centuries of injustice and
oppression that have permanently affected the indigenous people.

On June 27th, in San Andres Sacamch'en. Chiapas, the EZLN delegation
met with the Liaison Commissions, the more than one thousand Indians
in the security belt, representatives of Alianza Civica
and representatives from several countries. At that meeting
they issued the definitive wording of the six questions for the
National and International Plebiscite. The questions have a new
wording. The number of questions has been increased from five to six,
and three new demands were added: security, combat against corruption,
and defense of the environment.

Infommation about the Plebiscite and its new phases:

    a. Phase 1: June 23 to July 31 (July 31 is the last day to deliver
the ballots to Mexico)
    b.  Phase 2: July 31 to August 23 (August 23 is the last day to
deliver the ballots to Mexico)
    c. Phase 3: August 23 to September 13 (September 13 is the last day to
deliver the ballots to Mexico)

In each country the groups or networks promoting and organizing the Plebiscite
will delineate their own programs.

There are three basic ways to enact the Plebiscite: Electronic Mail, Fax &
Plebiscite Tables

B) Electronic Mail:
We can send information packets and the plebiscite ballots in English and Spanish

Three World Wide Web Home Pages are available for public use.
United States: ezln/ezln.html

The intemational electronic mailbox for the ballots is: marroyo@

Bv Fax:

We can send information packets and the plebiscite ballots in English and Spanish

    a. The ballots should be disseminated among interested groups and persons
    b. Once the  questions have been answered, they should be returned to the
promoting group or person.
    c.  The promoting group or person should then make a tally of the votes,
send them to Mexico  via fax, e-mail d. The ballots themselves should be sent
to Mexico Liaison Commission with a trustworthy traveler or by courier service

Bv Plebiscite Tables:

Plebiscite Tables can be set up near the Mexican Consulate, on university
campuses, near Latino neighborhoods, or in public arenas where a multitude
of people can participate. The Plebiscite should be announced on the radio
or on television. It should also be printed in newspapers, in magazines,
on flyers and posters, and in conferences. It is strongly encouraged that
debates be sponsored that discuss the issues raised by the Plebiscite.

If you as an individual or as an organization are interested in being a
promoter of the Plebiscite contact us immediately to coordinate our efforts.
If you need a document appointing you as a promoter let us know and we will
send it to you right away.

If you still have questions or doubts about anything or if the information was
not clear, the International Liaison Commission for the Plebiscite of the EZLN
will be more than happy to make any clarifications.

Mexico Citv:

Tabasco 262 Despacho 402, Colonia Roma Apartado Postal 25-392 C.P. 03421
Tel / Fax: (52-5) 207-4147 Mexico, D.F. Mexico, D.F.

 Additional fax numbers: (52-5) 659-4837 Mexico, D.F. e-mail:
         Internet:74052.2670 at

Centros de Coordinaci6n Internacional:


         Madrid:   Plataforma de Solidaridad con Chiapas de Madrid
          Plaza Tirso de Molina 8, 1
          28012, Madrid, Espana
          Tel: (34 1) 369 0842 y 369 16-52
          Fax: (34 1) 402 8499 y 429 63-56
          e-mai 1: osoei v @ nodo50. gn .apc .org

         Barcelona:Consulado del Gobierno de Transici6n en Rebeldia del Estado de Chiapas
          Calle de la Cera, I Bis.
          08001 Barcelona, Cataluna, Estado Espanol
          Tel/fax: (343) 329 0643; e-mail: ellokal at


         Paris:    Comite de Solidarite avec les Peuples du Chiapas en Lutte
          33, Rue des Vignoles
          75020 Paris, FRANCE
          Tel/fax:(33-1)43-72-09-54;e-mail: ornelas at

         Brescia:  Consulado Rebelde en Brescia
          Via dell Grazie, 23 25100 Brescia, Italy.
          Tel: 30-375-0043 Fax: 30-377-1921


        Montreal: Reseau de Solidarite avec le Mexique
         4293 de Lanaudiere
         Montreal, Quebec H2J3N8
         Tel: (514) 848-7410 y 529-0813 Fax: (514) 933-9517 y 343-6215
         e-mail: oscarh at physics.mcgi
        Ontario:  Mexico Solidarity Network
         70 Connelly Dr.
         Kitchener, Ontario N2N2T8
         Tel: (519) 746-4090 y 570-3624 Fax: (519) 7464096 y 579-191
         e-mail: gccwat at

In the United States:

El Paso:
         National Commission for Democracy in Mexico, USA.

         601 N. Cotton, Ste.A-103
         El Paso, TX 79902
         Tel/fax: (915) 532 83-82: e-mail: moonlight at

Minneapolis: Pastors for Peace
          Minneapolis, MN 55408
          Tel: (612) 870-7121; Fax: (612) 870-7109
San Francisco: Global Exchange 2017 Mission St., Rm. 303
         San Francisco, CA 94110 Tel: (415) 255-7296
         Fax: (415) 255-7498 e-mail:
         globalexch at


       Comisi6n Internacional de Enlace de la Consulta del EZLN

               EZLN International Plebiscite EZLN

                    Zapatista National Liberation Army

We are Mexiccans and we have a national proposal: to struggle for; and achieve,
democracy, liberty and justice for all the men and women of this country.
We are here to say that we are humun beings and we have a world-wide proposal: a
new international order based on, and ruled by, democracy, liberty, and justice.

1. Do you agree that the principal demands of the Mexican people are land,
housing, jobs, food, health, education, culture, information, independence,
democracy, liberty, justice, peace, security, combat of corruption, and
defense of the environment?

Yes( ) No() I don'tknow()

2. Should the different democratizing forces lin MexicoJ unite in a citizens
broad-based political and social opposition front and struggle for the 16
principal demands llisted in question number

Yes( ) No ( ) I don't know ( )

3. Should Mexicans carry out a profound political reform which would guarantee
democracy? (Respect for the vote, reliable voter registration, impartial and
autonomous electoral organizations, guarantee the panicipation of citizens,
including those not members of political parties, as well as non-governmental
organizations, recognition of all the political forces, be they national,
regional or local)

Yes ( ) No ( ) I don't know ( )

4. Should the EZLN convert itself in a new and independent political force,
without joining other political organizations?

Yes ( ) No ( ) I don't know ( )

5. Should the EZLN join with other organizations and together form a new
political organization?

Yes ( ) No ( ) I don't know ( )

6. Should the presence and equal participalion Of women be guaranteed in
all positions of representation and responsibility in civil organizalions
and in the government?

Yes ( ) No ( ) I don't know ( )

Optional, but helpful, information about yourself:

Name: Age: Gender: Male( ) Female( )

      Occupation:                 Country you live in:



    To: Indigenous peoples and Indigenous organizations of the world:

    Brothers and Sisters: Mexico. August 1995

    From a little corner of the world called Chiapas. in the southeastern
part of Mexico, on the first of January of 1994, an indigenous movement
surged that has transcended borders and touched hearts the world over.
The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (F7LN), made up of mostly Indians,
has said: Enough! No more injustice and oppression for our people.

    The Mexican government has left them no other option than that of taking
up weapons to defend themselves. For centuries they have struggled for their
rights, but they have not been heard. Instead they have been continually
persecuted, assassinated, exploited, and humiliated.

    In Mexico we have the wealth of fifty-six ethnic groups. Living cultures
with differing languages and organizations. The majority of Mexicans are mestisos
and in our veins flows Indian blood. Proud of our origin, we mestizos are
rescuing our roots. We have listened with our hearts and heard the call of the Indians
that are clamoring for peace with justice and dignity for all Mexicans.

    The terrible face of war can be seen peeS;ing, through the mountains of the
southeastem part of Mexico. It walks between the thatched roofed houses of
the villages, amono, women and children. Determined to stop it in its tracks,
the Zapatista Army of National Liberation has dialoged with the Mexican government
to search for a peaceful solution to its just demands. Now the EZLN has launched
a new initiative: a national and international plebiscite. Six questions that
have to do with the future of the EZLN and the struggle of the Mexican people who
are searching for a transition towards democracy. The sixteen demands referred to
in the first of the six questions are the same demands shared by indigenous and
non indigenous peoples of the world.

    The EZLN's call for a plebiscite is unprecedented. It is the call of the Indians
that for centuries have been persecuted and forgotten. The, self named, faceless
ones. Now they are giving us the example of how to construct democracy, they are
the ones showing us the way towards a Mexico that will be just and free. They
have made us recuperate our faith and hope in order to construct a better world.
In them we have placed our hope for the future.

    The peoples that want to be free should join in solidarity and action to
struggle against this new world order which is being imposed on us as neoliberalism.
We are sure that you as an organization, and as indigenous peoples will understand
this call, and feel it in your heart because you are also living the persecution
and attempts to exterminate your nations.

    We call on you to join wilh us in this International Plebiscite called for by
thc EZLN. We call on you to not leave us alone, to struggle with us for justice,
liberty, and democracy, not oniv for the Indians of Mexico, but for all the
indigenous peoples of the world.

    Fraternally- k International Liaison Commission of the EZLN's Plebiscite

            Avendaho Plgueroa
            Ofelia Medina
            David VlilarrueI
            Carlota Botey

            Paulina FemandeX,<
            Floraf errero
            leaTno Briseho

            Patia limenez
            lose Alvarez I:

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