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Tue Sep 5 22:08:46 MDT 1995

While in Pittsburgh for the Independent Politics Summit (about

which more later), I ran into my old pal Herb Lewin, who is now

with a group called the Philadelphia Revolutionary Socialist

Group.  He sold me a copy of the _Workers Press_, organ of the

Workers Revolutionary Party (Cliff Slaughter).  I asked him which

WRP this was, and he replied that there was only one. I let it


Collectors of revolutionary whatever may be interested to know

that Peter Fryer, who was expelled by Healey circa 1959 or 1960

for thinking too much, is in the (Slaughter) WRP.  For those

under 50 on the list (I suspect most of you), Fryer was the

Budapest correspondent for the London _Daily Worker_ in 1956.

When he got back to the U.K., he discovered that they hadn't been

printing his dispatches, since they supported the workers'

revolution in Hungary and were filled with facts which were

extremely uncomfortable for pro-Moscow propagandists.  He

subsequently left the CPGB, became a Trotskyist, and wrote an

excellent book based on his suppressed reports at the time.

I suppose I should say who Herb Lewin is, too.  Those of you who

have the paperback edition of _Labor's Untold Story_ (known in

some circles as "Labor's Half-Told Story") can see a photo of him

on the cover being chased by some mounted cops.  Everyone who's

met him in the past 20 years has heard about this, because he's

quite proud of it.  (I would be, too.) He's an old independent

Trotskyist militant.  Now retired, he was a well-known activist

in the electrical machine industry, and there was actually a

wildcat strike once in the Philadelphia area which shut down

several plants to force his employer to rehire him after he was

victimized back in the 1940s.  He was the Peace & Freedom Party

candidate for President in 1988.

Tom Condit

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