Radical-Right Youth Recruitment

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Things have quieted down in this city since 1993, but, in that year,
when the radical right was in full gear, the thing that most
"impressed" me was their youth recruitment tactics. The right adopted
the left's tactics and learned to use them more effectively.

  1. The radical right uses cutting edge music "that adults dont
     understand" (the Church of the Creator has their own label now,
     Resistance Records, with bands like RaHoWa on it).

  2. The radical right uses humor. It laughs. It watches TV. It
     understands what kids are consuming.

  3. It fosters community and "family." It takes-in kids.

Once it earns trust through these means, you start pressing the hot
buttons, introducing the racist shit, etc.

As to SKINHEADS... which group Louis mentioned earlier... I wanna make
one thing clear: There are plenty of anti-racists skins. Indeed,
anti-racist skinheads refer to the racist/fascist ilk as BONEHEADS.  I
rather like the distinction and use it as part of my everyday language.
You can usually tell which are boneheads by the patches they wear and a
few other signals (like bootlace colors -- "white" for white
supremacist, "red" for national socialist).

There was an attempt recently to recruit boneheads in Ontario as the
storm troops of the neo-racist right movement. The "Heritage Front" was
(is) an above-board organization, run by a Wolfgang Droege. Droege was
born in Germany and immigrated to Canada in the 1960s. In the 1970s, he
tried his hand at becoming a radical unionist before he decided he was
a national socialist.

Droege has served quite a few years in US jails, for

  1) conspiracy to overthrow the government of the island of Dominica
     (he and his cohorts were arrested as they were about to set sail
     from a Texas port -- I think it was Texas, it may have been

  2) When he was flirting with The Order in the mid-80s, he was
     arrested when he arrived in Atlanta. Feds found a quantity of
     cocaine on his person, and a hard-plastic knife, or shiv, in his
     luggage. They contend he was there as part of a plot to murder
     leftie-laywer Morris Dees.

He envisions the Heritage Front to be a "mellower" manifestation of his
politics. He told me in an interview he has "reconsidered" his youthful
ways and was trying to go the straight route. While he admires Nazi
Germany, he says that type of national socialism is not applicable to
other countries and other times.

So.... the Heritage Front aims to provide a united-front organization
for radical right groups. And Droege will, indeed, take in almost
anyone. For instance, the wacky mystical Christian numerologist and
Jew-hater John Ross Taylor (formerly of Canada's Western Guard) was
welcomed. When I asked Droege why he associated with someone he told me
he thought was a kook, Droege responded that one takes "what you can
get" in building a movement.

Droege has watched his old buddy David Duke run and get a solid chunk
of votes in Louisiana. Droege and Duke were pals in the 1970s, when
Duke made lots of noise in Canada and Droege was #2 man in the Canadian
KKK. Wolf openly admits he wants to emulate Duke. And that's another
reason the Heritage Front removes unnecessarily rhetoric and bombast
from publications. He speaks like people speak.

And it works. His affect on young kids confused but radical by nature
is substantial -- when he can get their attention.

The most famous case is that of Elise Hategan -- a young, giggly,
pretty teen female who became a Heritage Front spokesperson. She was
another part of the strategy that was making the Front a growing
concern in Toronto through 1992 and 1993. Her face was splashed all
over the mainstream papers.

Eventually, the Anti-Racist Action would get her to turncoat. She is
now an outspoken anti-fascist anti-racist.

Most importantly, Hategan would be instrumental in exposing the
Canadian government spy mole, Grant Bristow, as a main organizer of the
Front. (The government effectively PAID for the Front; and Bristow was
the main mover in the anonymous harrassment campaigns against
anti-racist activists.)

In recalling how she was recruited, Elise talks about the sense Wolf
makes. He is not a conservative, he is wide open to youth, he grew up
in the working class, and he provides a sense of security and
belonging. He doesn't even mention Hitler. And he has a long range goal
in which "the rich will fucking pay." (Once this lure is bit at, THEN
the recruit is slowly introduced into the racial theory... and the evil
Jews. But I'm talking about the stuff that attracts the working class
kids, the left wing stuff.)

Do you think the Nazi brownshirts in the urban communities used
different tactics?

Actually, it was different then in that there were vast Red
organizations to provide an alternative for disaffected youth. Today's
working class Reds aren't around much. And the ones on the campuses
spend their time barking at each other in arcane sectarian languages.


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