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Marcus Strom MSTROM at nswtf.org.au
Wed Sep 6 16:14:59 MDT 1995

> On Mon, 4 Sep 1995 wdrb at siva.bris.ac.uk wrote:
> > They organised stunts like turning up to
> > the Henley regatta and attacking the toffs.
> 	Excuse my english, but what's a `toff'?  Is it dangerous??  :>

A toff is a rich nerd, like the wankers that Hugh Grant's character
hung out with in 3 weddings and a BIBBLE!

They are rich, go to oxbride, went to Eton and say Ra! Ra! a lot and
wish they could play rugger (Rugby) because its so butch!

They will end up gambling the surplus of workers on the futures
exchage and don;t give a fuck if there's a collapse cause daddy will
buy them a new Rover.

They must all die!

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