Can anyone place this German socialist?

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We should not be suprised by this. European fascism in the 1920s and
30s grew as a counterweight to the swell tide of revolution after the
first imperialist world war. Fascism is not an ideology on its own,
it is a particular form of bourgeois ideology.

In 'normal' periods of capital accumulation and relative social peace
(sorta like the 60s and after), capitalism and its ruling class
prefers (not in a conscious sense) the bourgeois democracy - rule by
consent- it is cheaper and more pervasive, as most of the time people
police themselves. In times of crisis and particularly in the brewing
of revolutionary situations, the bourgeois system turns to naked
terror. Fascism in the 20s in Italy, Spain in the 30s and 40s (and
beyond), Germany in the 20s, 30s and 40s, Greece in the 60s and 70s,
Turkey in the 70s/80s, Chile in the 70s .... were all negative
resolutions of a revolutionary or pre-revolutionary situations. In
Russia in the 20s, had the revolutionary situation been resolved
negatively, fascism would have been in the form of Denikin & Co.

So the fascism of the 20s and 30s was in the period of success in the
USSR and the birth of revolutionary organisations and a proletarian
international. Socialism was 'common sense' to workers (much like
capitalism is considered 'normal' now - in the wake of a great
victory to the bourgeoisie with the collapse of bureaucratic
socialism). In order to build its shock troops, the fascists needed
to build on the lumpenised elements of the German proletariat. There
are some overlaps with the British National Party here. They are
building on 'workers' issues (as they exist in the 'post-communist'
era) - housing and jobs -' that the migrants have taken under the
rubirc of the Powerful Banks of Zion, etc.

If the British ruling class required fascism - ie: if there was a
revolutioanry situation in Britain, or one developing, the BNP would
be used; used to smash, physically, unions, revolutionary
organisations, etc - at a crucial point, the British rulers would not
suddenly start seig heiling. They would crush the revolution and
*crush the bonehead thugs*, probably using the armed forces (well
trained in this sort of thing in the north of Ireland). They would
come draped in the Union Jac, Monarch, Parliament ... Restore
order,et cetera.

This is what the nazis/SS did to the SA and the Freikorps.

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> It's Hitler, the quote.
> From _Mein Kampf_ (chapter xi -- NATION AND RACE.)


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