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> Thank you for the "true-stories" about SWP splits but  I need the addresses
> of their papers BECAUSE I LIVE IN ITALY!(Newsline and WorkerS Press) They
> have  a theoric journal?  The Healy Marxist party have a paper? The WL have
> a paper? Please the address to buy the "Heritage We defend" of D. North.
> In the R. Alexander book about History of Italian Trotskyism there are many
> errors.I can say that is not a good history. Today I will write notes about it.

I'm sure there are some errors in R. Alexander's book (I read the review
in BIDOM when it came out) but the book is fabulous nonetheless for its
encyclopedic scope.  Also, its dry, matter of fact tone is a refreshing
change from more polemical histories.

You can email the WL direct at 73744.652 at compuserve.com.

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can't be beat for hot air . . .  Cast iron.  That's him.  He's secretary
of the Bricklayers and Roofers' Union of Vanves La Revolte.  Elected no
less.  His buddies are proud of Leonce, the lazy pugnacious bastard.  For
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