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Wed Sep 6 07:21:08 MDT 1995

> Will Brown:
  Global standards for accounting, company law
> and the like are being pressed by international capital...arent
> they?

  Yes, but with varying degrees of success. TNC's frequently benefit from
these differences and have no wish to bring about universal standards.
Also, domestic capitalists in many parts of the world also benefit from
this lack of uniformity and, similarly, have no great desire for change
where they benefit from the status quo.

> I am persuaded that the ruling class are desperate to avoid
> a return to economic nationalism that, after the great
> stockmarket crash`29, led to tarriff wars and a collapse
> of world trade by 60% after 1930. Given the way that
> economic production and exchange are globalised
> today to a far greater extent than they were in 1925,
> such tarriff war would generate even greater economic,
> political and financial meltdown.

The ruling class can't prevent economic nationalism. Large sections of
the ruling class internationally are divided as to the best policy. Some
want a common policy, some benefit from the existing situation.

  I do not know what would constitute a world government, it would
> probably not simply look like a national government but only
> bigger. Would it be democratic? From where would it
> draw its political legitimacy?
  This is where I was afraid you were headed. Increased rivalry by
capitalists, IMO, is more the order of the day than a drive for world
government. The working class is divided internationally, and despite
TNC's, so too is the capitalist class.

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