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Wed Sep 6 13:57:22 MDT 1995

Marx shagger:

I have seen brief and coy references to the
fact that Marx used to shag his house keeper and
even that she had his child. Are these stories
true? Did Mrs Marx know? Was she ok about it
(perhaps she had a bit on the side herself). Or
was Karl Marx a bit of a lying toerag to his wife?

Its not that it would stop me being a marxist
but I do think that the way people live and what
they think has some connection.

In a similar vein, does anyone know about
the conditions in the cotton mills that Engels
part owned? Was he a good employer? Did his workers
ever go on strike? Did he negotiate with them?

Again..I love Engels books, but Ive always been curious about
this aspect of his life.

Will Brown   Bristol  England

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