Do Marxists need to revisit "Miami Vice"?

Matt D. afn02065 at
Wed Sep 6 07:58:09 MDT 1995

Doug Henwood wrote:

>Subjects of two recent threads here - fascism & the class/identity relation
>- are covered in a very interesting article in the latest New Left Review
>(#212), Michael Mann's "Sources of Variation in Working Class Movements in
>Twentieth Century Europe."

Is there anything in this article that would explain why Don Johnson got
back together with Melanie Griffith (unsuccessfully -- damn that Antonio
Banderas!), or why Phillip Michael Thomas is now running a psychic hotline?
Also, did he explain what the hell he was thinking casting Val Kilmer in the
new Pacino - De Niro flick, _Heat_?  Wouldn't Eric Stoltz be better if you
needed a longhair?

-- Matt D.

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