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> Marx shagger:
> I have seen brief and coy references to the
> fact that Marx used to shag his house keeper and
> even that she had his child. Are these stories
> true?

I assume shag means fuck, and I also assume Helene shagged him back.

You are referring to Helene Demuth, and her son Freddy -- born when Marx was
33 (and his wife Jenny 35). Engels accepted paternity. But, at the end of his
life, I believe "confessed" Freddy was actually Marx's son, not his own.
Freddy's June 1851 birth certificate has the father's name blank.

> Did Mrs Marx know?

I don't know. Jenny may well have found out after the fact. I don't believe
it was a case of a libertine relationship. They were often apart for extended
periods, but there is no doubt they deeply loved each other.

I doubt she engaged in extra-marital sex. But there was no metre on her
bed. (There's an entertaining letter she wrote about having to rebuff
the advances of a man -- I forget whom -- while Marx was away.)

> Its not that it would stop me being a marxist
> but I do think that the way people live and what
> they think has some connection.

Are you suggesting that unerring monogamy is a hallmark of Marxism?


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