McDonald's Libel Trial resumes

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Wed Sep 6 09:25:13 MDT 1995

Speaking of multinational corporations... the McDonald's libel suit
against two environmental activists who called McD's food garbage,
their environmental practices abysmal, and their labor relations
draconian, resumes.

I helped the McLibel Support Campaign get a worldwide web page. It hasn't
been officially announced yet, but you can get a sneak preview at -- for give the momentary errors --
every thing ever posted to the low-volume, high-signal mailing list (more
like a newsletter on the trial).

FASCINATING testimony, and often hilarious! Like the McD executive who
testified that Coca Cola is nutricious because it has water in it and
water is an essential part of a balanced diet -- so therefore the
defendants are wrong in calling McD's food garbage.

Also check out the testimony on labor practices.

U.S. McLibel Support Campaign mailing address is PO Box 62 Craftsbury
VT 05826-0062 (ph/fax 802-586-9628). The International McLibel Support
Campaign is at 5 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9DX (ph/fax 0171 713

To join the list, send a "subscribe mclibel" message to
majordomo at .


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