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Jerry says:
<<<The ruling class can't prevent economic nationalism. Large sections of
the ruling class internationally are divided as to the best policy. Some
want a common policy, some benefit from the existing situation>>>>>


<<<  This is where I was afraid you were headed. Increased rivalry by
capitalists, IMO, is more the order of the day than a drive for world
government. The working class is divided internationally, and despite
TNC's, so too is the capitalist class.>>>


There have been repeated recessions and world economic
crisis since 1970. On each occasion sections of the left
have predicted trade war and increased hostility
between imperealist camps.Instead, I believe,
what we have seen is rapid economic integration of
the world economy, a greater proportion of production
in the hands of TNC's, more TNC's, greater globalisation
of financial markets and a substantial reduction of
tarriffs. And we have seen existing TNCs become more global.
And we have seen the third world war become

Why cant the ruling class prevent economic nationalism.
Doesnt nationalism ultimately stem from the
geographic extent of economic organisation???

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