Ommission in Trotskyist history

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In the R.Alexander Book about International Trotskyism the chapter about
Italy have some blameworthy ommission. For all the period after the second
world war the references of Alexander are only some letters of L.Maitan. So
we don't know nothing about the attempt of gathering in AZIONE COMUNISTA in
the 1956.
About the period of entrism maitan ommitted to tell that a CC member of CP
adhere to the IV, Silvio Paolicchi (He was the first to vote against
Togliatti in CC) . The GCR  recruited many young militant in FGCI (Youth
organisation of CP). One of them , Gorla, was in the 1966 delegate at World
Congress (after he was a Leader of Avanguardia Operaia and Dp). In the '68
crisis the IV International tendency went in minority. The majority vote for
dissolve the organisation and built the larges convergences with the movement.
The space for the LSR is too little for their importance.(pag.597) Dario
Renzi a young militant on the Moreno position split the GCR. The LSR was
strong in Napoli and published Avanzata socialista. In the '79-80 they
developed in national scale. Both LCR (new name of GCR) and LSR ran the
election of '80 with very resultats.In mid '80 the LOR (see pag.598) join to
the LCR.In the 1987 the meet to DP. The LSR have a big turn overand worked
in the youth and in alternative trade unions. They changed their name in
and in 1990 SOCIALISMO RIVOLUZIONARIO (bimonthly ALTRA SINISTRA and journal
Look to the page 597 there is a mistake. The Roberto Massari's Lega
Comunista join with DP in 1979. Now Massari is an editor and writer.
In the '70 exist also the TMR (Marxist Revolutionary Tendency) section of
Pablo International.
Well, there are other ommssions about Italian trotskyism in the book but I
want before write about them to control the references.
About the situation of Italian Trotskyism today please read my (II) ITALIAN

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