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In my rewiew of situation of Italian Party I made an ommision. To the left
of Rifondazione comunista  there is LOTTA COMUNISTA. They proclaim themself
as Leninist but are a strange type of Bordigists. This organisation born in
1950 as Anarchic-Communist group. After they became the leadership of AZIONE
COMUNISTA and from 1965 defined themself THE PARTY. It's an underground
organisation of (I think) 2-3 thousands militants, without internal
democracy and a big work in the trade unions and wokplaces in the north of
Italy. In the last years they begin to woork in the Universities. Their
phisically clashes with maoist groups are alredy History. They  have
international contact with Lutte Ouvriere.

About the trotskysts groups:

USFI section work in Rifondazione. But the most interesting thing they are
in the MAJORITY of the party. Maitan is in the Direction.
PROPOSTA COMUNISTA is the old LOR. They left the USFI (was also a minority
tendency of USFI). Two members (Ferrando e Grisolia are in the CC of the
Party) They are in opposition. They join with other groups with very
different background (maoists, CP, etc) and in the II Congress receive
about 8% of delegates.
VO (ex GOR) it's a little trotskyist group in Umbria region. They have some
SOCIALISMO RIVOLUZIONARIO now is the most important Trotskyist group today
in Italy. In the death agony of far left they grew in the last 2-3 years
till 500-600 militants. They break with morenist international. In
Internatinal area they support the Bosnia against the "fascist serbs", and
speak about the russian 1991 August crisis of "Forth Russian revolution"
(sic!)In the last election they claim for a critical vote ro RC after many
years of abstesionism. In the last two years they begin a big pubblish work.
They start to publish in Italian (is the first time) the most important
writings of Trotsky. For the collectionist published also a first volume of
History of  Trotskyism.
FALCE MARTELLO was the section  of Militant tendency in Italy. They are a
very young people group(20 years average I think). In the 1992 they split
with Ted Grant from the Tendency. They use the political tool of Entrism.
Till 2 years ago in PDS and now in Rifondazione Comunista.
Spartacist: is about two years that they are......missing. Come back please!

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