World Bank, laugh tracks, Negri

Bryan A. Alexander bnalexan at
Wed Sep 6 18:44:01 MDT 1995

I'm with you, Chris, in your articulation of the new mode of capital.  I
like your focus on human capital very much.
	I still don't see what Ben is talking about with this "capture the
WB" nonsense.  Was it meant in sarcasm, in that the WB might be
intermittantly espousing land reform?  I can laugh in good sad conscience
over that.
	Back to human capital: this is of course exactly what Negri has
argued for years, that capital has moved into the state and vcie versa so
that the two combine to keep workers off the streets (modicums of welfare
states/ employment by mili-indust complexes) while playing the old games
of capital (and CAPITAL).  Do you see any difference between your stance
and Negri's that would obliterate this argument?

Bryan Alexander
Department of English
University of Michigan

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