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> A toff is a slang english word for a rich upper class
> person. The story goes that when Class War started
> being written they believed they were the first
> English militants to advocate mounting direct
> attacks of rich people and their functions.
> Not necessarily very violently...but at least
> direct action. So rather than go
> for targets like 'the state' or 'the bosses'
> they went directly for the rich and their
> social functions (among other things).

	Gawd knows we've got too many anglophiles (read: monarchists) and
aristo-wannabes here in the colonies... The Sun chain of newspapers are
the propaganda rags owned/influenced by these types (the Conrad Blacks,
Hal Jackmans, Barbara Amiels, Peter Worthingtons, ad nauseum...) and
consciously ape that yellow-journalist-Thatcherite crap you've got over

	Wouldn't it be a shame if someone crashed the Brazilian Ball... ;>
(The Premier Toronto gala)
(listening, you CSIS shits?)

> Apparently they wanted to articulate
> naked class hostility and rescue
> leftist propaganda from rhetoric
> unrecognisable to ordinary workers.
> So they dug deep into traditions of riot and the like.

	Sound like my kind of people!  How successful were/are they?

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