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Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Thu Sep 7 07:44:21 MDT 1995

I appreciate Bryan's detailed comments on the question of Croatian
fascism. It is no problem to me if for the time being he sees
fascist tendencies in Croatia as the greater danger and I see social
fascist tendencies in greater Serb nationalism as the greater danger.
Clearly our perspectives do not rule out dialogue.

I also have no difficulty in seeing the importance of watching the
development of contradictions in Croatia particularly closely now,
and assisting if possible.

I take the point about the War of the Yugoslav Succession, but the widest
context I would put it in is the breakdown of the former state socialist
countries and the tangle of nationalist, populist, democratic, market-
orientated, collectivist pro-West, anti-West, religious and cultural
confusion. In this context, and here I would differ from Paul if I
understand his comment right, a marxist position would want to try
to retain human civil rights and should often consider allying with
social democrats, at the expense of national autonomy. e.g I think the
compromises made by the ex communists in Hungary  may be right in
allowing the working class/people to live to fight another day with the
minimum of division between them.

The human rights agenda in Croatia will be affected by how much Tudjman and
the CDU really understands the long term economic interests of Croatia as
being bound up with the world market economy, and how much with the
narrow confines of fascist and nationalist autarky. My guess is
that the Mate Granic wing of the CDU will survive the triumph of Gojko
Susak, partly because Tudjman wants them to, partly because the future
is more on their side.

A straw in the wind, quite cynical in a number of ways, [why does he
have to wait till the end of this war to prosecute 2 WW war criminals?]
is this press release posted on Tudjman's web home page.

Yes he has a home page, and one calculation is that it is worth
tens of thousands of dollars to him for fund raising for his
party the CDU. I got this via the zamir.chat conference because
I cant crawl round the web yet,

Would anyone who can - Jim??? - like to visit it and report back
on the findings? Are my financial guesses correct?


Meawhile this press-release posted on Tudjman's web page is interesting
not for its political integrity but that Tudjman's advisers thought it in
his interests to post it. This makes him potentially vulnerable to
accusations of bad faith and the financial penalties that ensue in
reduced donations, if he can be shown not live up to his promises.

>>> Press release from the Jewish organization B'nai B'rith:


Washington D.C. (August 1, 1995) - During a fact-finding mission
to Croatia last week, Croatian President Franjo Tudjman told
B'nai B'rith leaders that he will not permit fascism or
anti-Semitism to grow in his country. Tudjman pledged "not to
allow a resurgence of fascism with all its harmful consequences".

Meeting at the President's seaside home on the island of Brioni,
Tommy P. Baer, international president of B'nai B'rith, expressed
the organization's concern about increased Ustase and
ultra-nationalist sentiments in the government and in the
population of Croatia. (During World War Il the Ustase movement
was allied with Nazi Germany). Tudjman replied that as long as he
is leader of Croatia, he will not accept anti-Semitism and "he
will marginalize all extremists".

Tudjman assured B'nai B'rith that after the war in Bosnia is
over, he would work to prosecute those involved in war crimes as
part of the Ustase movement during World War Il. He disassociated
himself from any resurgence of the movement and commented that
the Croatia of the 1990s is not the same as the Croatia of the
1940s.  <<<

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