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Wacky Juan writes:

> In the first place, I did not present a "defense" of my writing style. I
> just presented the main determinations (including my individual ones, those
> that arise from the real object it is about, and the general determinations
> of the readers), that in their unity, form my "style" as the concrete real
> form it is. By mistaking a "defense" for the exposition of these
> determinations, Jerry gives his first step in turning the real question
> into an abstraction. And it is on this basis that he goes on

Really? Ya think so? I didn't read that at all in what Jerry was saying.

I think he was saying you are a long-winded, jargon-drunk bore. And that
anything you might have to contribute is lost for that reason. I might be

Your prose is a disease. Get help.


Some fine moments in how not to write:

> I have always started my developments concerning my "style" by pointing out
> how my own determination as a personification of alienated consciousness
> manifests itself by negatively affecting my capacity to give my research a
> direct social form.

TRANSLATION: "I can't help myself. Someone kill me before I write again."

> Quite close to the sort of stuff rational-choice Marxism is made of: by
> abstracting from its determinations the intentional action through which
> any social process takes concrete form, it inverts this intentional action
> into the determinant itself of that social process, thus turning it into a
> pure abstraction.




    OPERATOR: Emergency operator.

    JUAN: Ah, the socially determined human element in the copper-pair
    telephony network -- good day to you. My concrete manifestation,
    being the temporal distillation of my alienation from telephony
    itself, and the potency of capital more generally, is employing the
    molded, labor-crystallized unit to impart to your own determinations
    that a third party, by nature unknown to me except in the preconceived
    logical representation of a socially-determined familial obligation,
    has been found concretely relinquished of the effective application of
    its lower limbic appendages, thus necessitating this communication.
    Due to the irregular and spasmodic upper limbic activity, and the
    escalating alienation of the third party's consciousness from all
    pretense at the introduction of an otherwise inquisitive discourse, it
    might not be considered a product of my own alienatation as a
    "reproduction of the concrete in thought" -- that given its
    specificity gives its exposition its corresponding formal structures
    -- that said third party is experiencing aortic perturbations affecting
    the entire metabolic being.


    OPERATOR: Are you saying someone is having a heart attack and we should
    send an ambulance, sir?

    JUAN: I was saying that, yes, but he's dead now. No need to speed.

    THE END.



ObMarx: From a Nov 23 1871 letter to New York unionist Frederick Bolte:

        "The development of socialist sectarianism and that of the real
        working class movement always stand in inverse ratio to each other.
        Sects are justified (historically) so long as the working class
        is not yet ripe for an independent historical movement. As soon as
        it has attained this maturity all sects are essentially

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