race and gender determination

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At 2:40 AM 9/7/95, Ralph Dumain wrote:

>>I am a great admirer of Fannie Lou Hamer.  It can hardly be
>>said, however, that she was any kind of marxist
>Well, we need to take a good look at what she was.  Maybe she
>_was_ some kind of Marxist.  I heard a broadcast of a number of
>her statements on the radio.  Given her origins in the bottom
>layer of society, they sounded pretty damn radical to me.

I'm frequently amazed by how responsive ordinary Americans are to a Marxian
analysis as long as they don't know what that is. In my public agitation, I
frequently deploy the ideas and techniques of the Old Man without
mentioning his name or using any of the red flag words. Damned if I don't
find people agreeing with me. Americans have a deeper sense of class - and
I'm including people of all genders & colors - now than at any time in
modern history.



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