race and gender determination

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You're absolutely right about this. Americans have, I think, been
conditioned to reject the packaging of Marxist ideas but will agree to
them if they're presented without using any taboo words.

In teaching I've discovered that saying something like "so, it seems as
if this corporation didn't have the best interests of its employees and the
local population inmind when it implemented that policy/backed that
law/etc" gets immediate agreement.

Whereas "so, this policy/law/whatever is another instance of capitalist
hegemony over the proletariat" meets with immediate rejection.

On Thu, 7 Sep 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:
> I'm frequently amazed by how responsive ordinary Americans are to a Marxian
> analysis as long as they don't know what that is. In my public agitation, I
> frequently deploy the ideas and techniques of the Old Man without
> mentioning his name or using any of the red flag words. Damned if I don't
> find people agreeing with me. Americans have a deeper sense of class - and
> I'm including people of all genders & colors - now than at any time in
> modern history.
> Doug

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