Black nationalism and black politics

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Sep 7 13:12:27 MDT 1995


I have been listening over Valerie, Ralph and Kenny's shoulder while they
talk about these questions. I just have no time to get involved in this
discussion right now, but I am coming around to the position that
Marxists need to re-examine the whole question of black nationalism. 1995
is not 1965. Louis Farrakhan is not Malcolm X, who I had the good fortune
to hear speak at a Militant Labor Forum in December of 1964.

I think maybe we should organize a cyberseminar on this topic later on
the year after we've got this whole fascism thing figured out. Black
politics will be central to the making of an American
revolution (socialist revolution that is, excuse me, Marcus) and we need
to update the work of DuBois, Breitman, Cruse, etc. I would look forward
to Ralph Dumain leading such a discussion.

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