Challenge to Cockshott

Paul Cockshott wpc at
Wed Sep 6 23:12:49 MDT 1995

Comrade Booth takes me to task for apparently slandering
the Scottish Militant Labour Party. As far as I am aware
I have avoided doing this. Militant are, since the decline
of the CP almost certainly the main working-class political
organisation in Scotland. Their social composition is
clearly more working-class than the SWP, RCP etc and to
some extent they are able to play the same role as the
CP was once able to, though they do not have anything
like the degree of industrial working class organisation
that the CP once had.

I do not claim that the WPS led the anti poll tax campaign.
The WPS initiated it and organised the first anti-poll tax
unions, but once the campaign took off, in the Strathclyde
region the Militant were certainly the dominant force.
In the Lothian Region Militant were never able to gain the
same degree of control over the campaign, where it remained
more decentralised and under the influence of independent

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