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Thu Sep 7 21:20:13 MDT 1995

>From Chris Burord:

I have gone back and tried for half an hour and I cannot understand
Juan. I feel bad about this because he comes over to me as
sincere, and he asked me to comment on something he wrote.

Comparisons are odious but they are part of life. We all have to
decide which posts to skim.

I am often impressed by the clarity of Will Brown.
Apart from a few typos, the short piece below seems to me
to be a model of how to spell out differences clearly
without being sectarian.


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Date: Thu, 07 Sep 1995 17:39:26 BST
Subject: Re: Antifascism, Militant/ Re: Challenge to Cockshott

Jeff describes the big anti-poll tax riot in London


Were you there Jeff? I was there all that day. Your
description of the march and riot bares little resemblance
to what I saw or what my friends did. I am not an anarchist
but to characterise the anarchist elements on the march
or in the UK as you do is shallow and wrong. My own
voew was that lots of people there new there had to be trouble
to acheice anything and that the scale of the rioting
brought down Thatcher. To say Militant organised the
march isn't really\ accurate, the anti poll tax
fed which milly was heavily involved in organised
the march.Milly were terribly discredited by
the reaction of their leadership to the rioting.
As i've said to you before, milly have contributed
a fair amount and have their strengths. But I do
think your description of this ver important day
in the history of the uk working class is
hopelessly wide of the mark.

will brown  england   bristol

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