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Thu Sep 7 14:42:17 MDT 1995

	Yet more on the Brit./Scot. left... (see responses below)

On Wed, 6 Sep 1995, Paul Cockshott wrote:

> Comrade Booth takes me to task for apparently slandering
> the Scottish Militant Labour Party. As far as I am aware
> I have avoided doing this. Militant are, since the decline
> of the CP almost certainly the main working-class political
> organisation in Scotland. Their social composition is
> clearly more working-class than the SWP, RCP etc and to
> some extent they are able to play the same role as the
> CP was once able to, though they do not have anything
> like the degree of industrial working class organisation
> that the CP once had.
> I do not claim that the WPS led the anti poll tax campaign.
> The WPS initiated it and organised the first anti-poll tax
> unions,

	Whoa.  This is the part that gets me.  I attended a Militant meeting in
Europe in 1988 where a lot of this stuff was starting and /or being
planned by Militant.

 but once the campaign took off, in the Strathclyde
> region the Militant were certainly the dominant force.
> In the Lothian Region Militant were never able to gain the
> same degree of control over the campaign,

	Forget "control".  Try elected.  Try saying that Militant built
an open, mass campaign.  Read Tommy Sheridan's book for more info. .

				-- Jeff Booth

where it remained
> more decentralised and under the influence of independent
> activists.
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