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Thu Sep 7 16:01:30 MDT 1995

Juan, I am having trouble with this passage:

"Although on the basis of capitalist production the social character of
their production confronts the mass of immediate producers in the form of a
strict governing authority, and the social mechanism of the labor process
has received here a completely hierarchical articulation--though this
authority accrues to its bearers only to as the personification of the
conditions of labor vis-a-vis labour itself, not to them as political or
theocratic rulers as in earlier forms of production--the most complete
anarchy reigns among the bearers of this authority, the capitalists
themselves, who confront one another simply as owners of commodities, and
within this anarchy the social interconnection of production prevails over
individual caprice only as an overwhelming natural law."

I turn to you for help because if we are to understand this passage as well
as deepen its insights, it seems to me that of all the contributors to this
list you have been the most help.  The passage comes of course from
Capital, vol III, p. 1021. Vintage.

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