race and gender determination

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Thu Sep 7 15:42:50 MDT 1995

>From Kenny:

> that nationalist
>organization among blacks is progressive, and provides, precisely, the
>dialectical first step and, indeed, the only way in for interracial
>socialism in the U.S.  I have further maintained that the important way
>out of the worst parts of black nationalism must come from feminist and
>indeed female leadership, especially in light of the fact that Black
>women make up the largest superexploited segment of the proletariat in
>the U.S.

I think that this is too general--all nationalist organizations?  By what
criteria do you distinguish reactionary from radical ones? What do you find
progressive about nationalist organization?

And which ones do you have in mind? The NAACP, the Nation of Islam, the
Uhuru Movement, the National Urban League, any Black mayoral campaign? In
my opinion such blanket support allows the countenance of reaction and
undermines analysis.

 Many moons ago, you mentioned as definitive (right?) Robert Allen's Black
Awakening in Capitalist America.  You will not find such blanket approval
for nationalist organization in this book; indeed much of it is a critique
of such organization on the basis of its narrow class agenda. It is true
that Allen ends this book with some sort of community agenda which (in my
opinion) if scrutinized carefully manifests all the weaknesses of the very
organizations which he had criticized previously.

Also, how does Black feminist leadership of nationalist organization change
its character? Is it just a matter of women leaders? What makes the agenda
feminist? What issues do you have in mind specifically?

Moreover, I am not at all comfortable with this idea of 'interracial'
socialism.   Will race continue to exist as a system for classification and
segregation in post-capitalist society?


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