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Thu Sep 7 16:48:36 MDT 1995

I just want to add that if we try to think through seriously Marx's
emphasis on the FORM OF VALUE in the first volume and the completion of the
theory of fetishism in the third volume, Juan's posts are tremendoulsy

I was just reading through his exchange with Allin (I have been saving
Juan's posts and exchanges for study at a later date) and it seems  to me
that Juan is not much more difficult than Marx himself.  Perhaps many of us
agree that the first chapters of Capital (in which Marx analyzes the FORMS
OF VALUE in order to understand the historical specificity of bourgeois
society) and the theory of fetishism which is itself a theory of human
freedom are both dispensable parts of Marx's revolutionary critique.
Perhaps many of us are arguing that Marx is too difficult, that he remains
entranced by the rococco of the dialectic.


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