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Thu Sep 7 17:35:57 MDT 1995

Rakesh writes:

> I was just reading through his exchange with Allin (I have been saving
> Juan's posts and exchanges for study at a later date) and it seems  to me
> that Juan is not much more difficult than Marx himself.


> Perhaps many of us are arguing that Marx is too difficult, that he remains
> entranced by the rococco of the dialectic.

Marx was capable of clear, uncluttered prose. He made a living (they call
it a living) writing news. His philosophical and dialectical writing
intended for publication is oft involved -- as it should be -- but the
point is always there.

More relevantly -- Marx's private letters, which are voluminous, are most
readable. Sometimes entertaining, sometimes enlightening, you know what
Marx is saying. And those letters are akin to this forum. A mailing list
is an exchange of letters.

Marx could turn it on and turn it off. And so can a great many who post

Juan appears incapable of colloquial writing. I don't think one could have
seen a more ironic example of it than his response to a point about his
being unable to interact with working people...

If you are unable to communicate your ideas, you are an effective zero.

However well you mean...


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