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> I was just reading through his exchange with Allin (I have been saving
> Juan's posts and exchanges for study at a later date) and it seems  to me
> that Juan is not much more difficult than Marx himself.  Perhaps many of us
> agree that the first chapters of Capital (in which Marx analyzes the FORMS
> OF VALUE in order to understand the historical specificity of bourgeois
> society) and the theory of fetishism which is itself a theory of human
> freedom are both dispensable parts of Marx's revolutionary critique.
> Perhaps many of us are arguing that Marx is too difficult, that he remains
> entranced by the rococco of the dialectic.

	I don't think it's so much difficulty, as a lack of definition of
terms (for us here, anyway).  I've asked Juan to clarify some things, but
unless I've missed a reply, he hasn't (I too, am `saving-up' his theses)

	It's my opinion that Juan, instead of engaging (more-or-less) in
a dialog of one, instead explain what exactly he means by a process of
_demonstrating_ the concepts he describes in the same process he uses to
describe them.

	Perhaps, Juan, you could concentrate on just one or two concepts
right now and somehow involve someone here in a discussion which
demonstrates the very concepts themselves in action...

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