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> Juan, I am having trouble with this passage:

	Hey, let _me_ try.  (the more the merrier..!)

> "Although on the basis of capitalist production the social character of
> their production confronts the mass of immediate producers in the form of a
> strict governing authority,

	The famous contradiction of the social character of modern
production vs. it's formally `private' ownership.

 and the social mechanism of the labor process
> has received here a completely hierarchical articulation

	A further development of the contradiction, pointing out that
hierarchy is, by definition, anti-social.

--though this
> authority accrues to its bearers only to as the personification of the
> conditions of labor vis-a-vis labour itself, not to them as political or
> theocratic rulers as in earlier forms of production

	The modern relations of production do not need to rely on received
authority from gods or other `authorities' -- merely `property rights'.

--the most complete
> anarchy reigns among the bearers of this authority, the capitalists
> themselves, who confront one another simply as owners of commodities, and
> within this anarchy the social interconnection of production prevails over
> individual caprice only as an overwhelming natural law."

	That `authority' -- which heretofore has rested on rigid
hierarchical systems -- is here and now resting on the most flimsy of
foundations: the anarchy of competition -- now fittingly `completes the
spiral', necessarily giving-up place of importance to the true basis of
this whole system -- _social_ production.

	Is that close enuff, Juan?

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