Yugo: Separating UN and NATO responsibility

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Fri Sep 8 08:02:04 MDT 1995

Separating UN and NATO Responsibility:

There is no way we can move towards a juster world order by ignoring
the fact that great powers will attempt to intervene repeatedly in
all areas of the world. What we can use however is that they prefer to
appear high minded and altruistic about it.

Although The UN is not a mere tool of imperialism, great
powers can twist its policies in their interests.

It is therefore progressive that the present action against greater
serb fascism is done not in the name of the UN but in the name of NATO.
The power relations are more transparent and that is to the good.

I have consistently said that the multi-ethnic democratic entity
of Bosnia Herzegovina should have had arms to defend itself against a
fascist attack aimed at partitioning it and driving people with muslim
surnames out of their homes. But in terms of realpolitik it is better
that the western powers have attacked Serb gun emplacements torturing the
towns and cities in which people with muslim surnames lived, than than
there should be a policy of appeasement towards fascism and aggression.

The generally just nature of this action is supported by
a remarkable fact today. Milosevic, the leader of Serbia proper is
attending a peace conference with the US in Geneva today, while NATO
planes continue to attack the positions of General Mladic. Yet Downtown
Belgrade is not in chaos. The masses have *not* rioted.

They have lived for over
forty years relatively peacefully in the multi-ethnic land of Yugoslavia
with a wise policy influenced heavily by a principled marxist and communist
approach to the national question. They know that the greater Serb
nationalists have little to offer them. They have not rioted despite
all the drama of the war. Milosovic is going to the conference. The masses
have acted to signal their acceptance of the appropriateness of that

A previous century would have said "Vox Populi, Vox Dei"

In marxist language, the war of aggression by greater Serb fascism has been
an unjust reactionary war. A counter war, even carried out by great
imperialist powers, with all the risks that entails, is potentially a just

Chris B.

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