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I will have to treasure those messages as a proof that, almost
structurally, to avoid other cruder expresssions, academics would talk about
anything without having the faintest idea of the object of reference. I have asked
for concrete information, reports by scientists, radio programs etc
where the issue might have been discussed. I did not ask people to
exercise their flippancy to impress others. The Harvard scientists
are, I trust,  significantly more knowledgeable about those technical
things than the people who wrote those messages. To my recollection
the IHT detailed article did not mention those 'natural' evolutionary
aspects of standard weapons, but directed its attention to much more
serious things.

Do not send me nonsense if you do not know the concrete object of my inquiry.
Perhaps I should address myself to Chomski, does anybody know his
E-mail? If yes, please forward it to me.  Thanks.

Joseph Halevi

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