Italian Left Parties

Yurii Colombo ycolombo at
Fri Sep 8 06:30:41 MDT 1995

> Dear jenan at,
to tell the truth I don't know well the situation of stalinist or maoist
groups in Italy. About Iniziativa Comunista this evening I will telephone to
my friend , a CC national member of Rifondazione, and I will ask him
informations about this group. I hear something about them but I want give
you controllated informations. In Milan (where I live) the most important
area of stalinists in (and out) Rifondazione  stay around the journal IL
About the italians maoists and stalists I'm preparing a message with
addresses and others details. In another way I will prepare a map of

Jenan! Where are you from? Maybe you can help me in my research about trots
groups in your state (or nation). I received from anywhere many gossips
about them (many of these groups I admit are really loony)   instead of
clear informations: name of groups, name of paper and address, E-mail
address if exist, and last but not least, your subjective opinions about
these groups.
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